Saturday, October 9, 2010

Something which Remained....

It was the Journey which I started two years back, yes the time when I decided to drop everything in hand which included my so called IT life, my wonderful friends, some mouth watering opportunities, my fat salary job; simply left everything and went out of the way to Goa for MBA!!! (No wonder my dad calls me crazy at times.) Faith which actually made me to choose the way, the path which was not that straight that it was looking.:)

Actually it’s being few months now, I am back to Poona (Physically!!! Though something in me is still there in Goa). I surprise, at times we go out of home to learn something and we learn so many things. Some things merely drop in without any intension but seriously put us in tension. We go out to change our world and we factually create our own world there. Some Bitter friends and some lovely experiences, some selfish people and some always ready hands to just be with, which make all the difference. 

Two years is a big time to create own world. Create it and one more time simply drop everything and come back to the square one. If we check the outlook, everything seems same, but the inside might have gone through churning. The whole personality changes, we internalize so many experiences, that changes us. Things which disappears and things which still holds on to tickle the consciousness somewhere ….. 

Goa!!! It is a paradise… One of the beautiful places, of course I took privilege to explore many places there which are not known to many people. The best time pass ever there was to go to the beach in the evening find out good place in shack, order finger chips along with tea; and enjoy the Sea. A blue sea which has many shades depending on the time and place too. Blue sea turns slightly reddish when sun is about set. I-tea and Sea with setting sun was the kind of scene… It is more awesome to be on beach in the middle of the night either No Moon or Full Moon, listen to the sound of waves specially silence between two waves. 

I remember my first day in college, I met two people in first ten minutes, among them one became my close friend and by end of two years we (I) chose to leave the second one. Then I met one more very nice and lovable person and fate made me leave that person too (so many inside stories). Strange one place I had choice and other place no choice one place I choose to leave one, other place someone else… Rests of the things were normally abnormal. Adventures were part of my life there; at times by chance and at times by choice. 

I used to think I can change things, but forgot that even things can change me, even situations can impact me. If I look at individuals as situations then they were simply outstanding, like a sequence of events, one after another happens and disappear; then one more comes in. One wonderful thing I learnt from the Sea there in Goa is; one should be able to listen the silence between two waves. It was the pause when time used to kind of stop for me. It was music of the life, understanding was important, freedom was important, whenever every situation (i.e. individual) disappears the Pause remains forever and here comes another situation.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Trip To Chandreshwar...

My stay at Goa is becoming very very exiting now as I have started exploring interiors of Goa, which are also very beautiful, its being long time I have not visited Beaches (I mean more than a month now).. :)

Last place I visited was Chandreshwar BhootNath, its a Temple with very lovely nature. About 6 Kilometer bike traveling from ground to top of the hill where the temple is. Temple seems to be very old, kind of vibrations in that temple were really nice, felt so good.

Best part of the place is, there is one big stone near by valley, somehow we manage to reach there and took privilege to enjoy the beauty... It was one of the amazing SMALL TRIPS (like less than 4hrs, I was back)... We had a rocking time there sitting on the rocks, watching Setting Sun, a range of mountains and the sea at horizon and reflection of sun in that sea water.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tough Times don't last, tough people do

Wonderful YES!+ DSN experience first time in Goa with Salil Bhaiya. Every one of us were waiting for the momebt to meet Bawa and Dinesh bhaiya in Goa, and the day came when we met him. We had amazing time with bawa and dinesh bhaiya, of course every time the love and respect for both of them keep on increasing, every time I learn something new, something different by being in their presence...No need to talk either, learning just happens.

Bawa's TEDx Talk was simple superb, he spoke about the Indian knowledge and about OM.... 
After this DSN work started booming at full speed, it was like racing car running on last gear with full speed.

I did my DSN with bawa some years back, but doing DSN and volunteering for DSN are totally different things. Now I feel to understand meaning of DSN one should be part of an organizing team. The actual essence of DSN in doing it or organizing it??? I feel both are totally independent questions, or two different levels of answers for same question. 

Experiencing DSN and being part of organizing team is something which actually shakes you inside out, its like expanding the horizon, comfort zone and expanding the happiness.... 


"Act according to reason; others accordingly to emotion. Some wait for events to happen; others make them happen. Some act primarily out of self-interest; others acts selflessly. All are creatures of habits; only the habits differs. Some can think clearly through shocks; most cannot. All act on the basis of what they believe the situation to be- not necessarily on what the situation is. Most are influenced by what they want to believe..." 

DSN IS SIMPLY DOING RIGHT THINGS, whether you like to or not.... 
Salil Bhaiya Rocks....

तुम आना कभी...

तुम आना कभी उसी जगह, जहा मिले थे 
हवा बनके आना तुम,  लहेरे बनके आना तुम
आज भी वो है वही जिसे हम छु ए थे कभी
वो चाँद वो लहेरे, वो टिमटिमाते तारे,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो पूल जहा सुरज डूबता है, पूछेगा हमें,
तुम  आना कभी उसी जगह रोशनी बनके,
डूबते सूरज  के साथ मुस्कुराना कभी,
वो मीठी  बातें, वो पलकों के इशारे करती ,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

तुम आना कभी हमारे साथ,  वक्त से पहेले,
वो आती लहेरो  के साथ मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा,
वो झुकती निगाहों से गुनगुनाना तुम्हारा ,
हलके से पास एके समझाना, हलकेसे दिल को छु जाना,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो पहाडी जिसपेसे, लेहेरोंको देखाथा हमने ,
वो डूबती शाम में, बिखरे रंगोंको समेटना तुम्हारा,
वो बदल,  वो पंच्छी , वो खुशबू, वो लम्हे,
तुम आना कभी उसी जगह, खुशबू बनके,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो धीरे से आके मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा,
गुस्से में थी तुम  शायद कभी,
जब बाद्लोने पानी बिखेरा था हमपे,
वो छत्ता , वो हलकेसे भीगना, तुम आना कभी बारिश बनके...
सब  ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे|

वो गुस्से में आके झगड़ना तुम्हारा ,
झगड़ते झगड़ते मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा
वो सिडियोंपे बैठके बाते बनाना,
उन सारे पलोम्में इंतजार करना, तुम  आना कभी वक्त से पहेले ...
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

याद आयेंगी वो सारी बातें तुम्हारी,
वो गलियां, वो रास्ते जहा गये थे कभी
तुम आना कभी उसी पत्थर के पास,
जिस पत्थर के दिल  को खिलना सिखाया
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो सागर की लहेरे, वो सूरज की किरणे,
वो लहराती हवा छु जाती थी आँचल तुम्हारा
वो कश्ती, वो पल, वो चांदनी रात,
वो हलकेसे हाथोंको हाथोंपे रखना, तुम आना कभी वक्त से पहेले....
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही  साथ हमारे |

तुम आना कभी.... हम धुंडते ही रह गये.
एक हवसी आयी तो होश आया और तुम्हिमें हम फिर खो गये...
तुम आना कभी,  इंतज़ार रहेगा...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lessons From 3 Idiots

One of Our Professor at SSIMS sent these lessons to us. I found these lessons pretty useful in life.

Never try to be successful, pursue excellence 
  1. Success is the by product & the result.
  2. Excellence always creates Success & it is a process of continual improvement.
  3. Never run after success.
  4. Let it happen automatically in Life 

    Freedom to life is beautiful
    1. Don't die before the actual death.
    2. Live every moment to the fullest as if today is the last day.
    3. Life is gifted to human kind to live.
    4. Live and live happily towards happiness.

      Passion leads to Success
      1. When your hobby becomes your profession , the passion becomes your profession.
      2. You will be able to lead up to excellence in life.
      3. Satisfaction, Joy, Pleasure & love will be the outcome of the passion.
      4. Following your passion for years , you will surely become somebody one day.
      Learning is very simple- Never Stop
      1. Be humble.
      2. Teachers do fail, Learners never fail.
      3. Learning is never complicate or difficult.
      4. Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply. 
      Pressure at head
      1. Current education system is developing pressure on students head
      2. University intelligence is useful & making some impact in the life , but it cannot be at the cost of life.
      Life is management of emotions & not optimization of intelligence
      1. Memory and regular study have definite value and it always helps you in leading a life.
      2. You are able to survive even if you can make some mark in the path of the life.
      3. With artificial intelligence, you can survive & win but you cannot prove yourself genius.
      4. Therefore, in this process genius dies in you

        Necessity is mother of invention
        1. Necessity creates pressure and forces you to invent something or to make it happen or to use your potentiality.
        2. Aamir Khan in this film, 3 idiots, is able to prove in the film by using vacuum pump at the last moment.
        Simplicity in life
        1. Life is need base never want base. Desires have no ends.
        2. Simplicity is way of life and Indian culture highly stresses on simple living and high thinking, and this is the way of life: ‘Legs down to earth and eyes looking beyond the sky’
        Industrial Leadership
        1. Dean of the institute in 3 idiots is showing very typical leadership. He has his own principles, values and ideology, and he leads the whole institute accordingly.
        2. This is an example of current institutional leadership. In the present scenario, most of the institutes are fixed in a block or Squarish thinking.

          Love is time and space free
          1. Trust your partner
          2. Love is not time bound and space bound.
          3. It is very well demonstrated in this movie same love was demonstrated by Krishna and Meera.
          4. Love is border free, time free, unconditional and space free.

            Importance of words in communication
            1. If communication dies, everything dies.
            2. Each word has impact and value in communication.
            3. One word if used wrongly or emphasized wrongly or paused at a wrong place in communication what effect it creates and how is it affected is demonstrated very well in this movie.
            Mediocrity is penalized
            1. Middle class family or average talent or average institute is going to suffer and has to pay maximum price in the life if they do not upgrade their living standards.
            2. To be born poor or as an average person is not a crime but to die as an average person with middle class talent is miserable and if you are unable to optimize your potentiality and die with unused potentiality then that is your shameful truth.
            3. One should not die as a mediocre. He/she has to bring out genius inside him/her and has to use his/her potentiality to the optimum level

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            Friday, January 8, 2010

            Something From Bawa

            Q: What is the Sacrifice, Do you think sacrificing your choices, happiness for your parents is Right??? Is it right for me to give up on my happiness for their happiness???

            Answer : NO. I think its very wrong, because you know you will do that and then you will blame them rest of your life. So please don't do that...Its better you have ALL OUT FIGHT with your parents, or you sit with them and convince them about your point of view. There is always scope for compromise, most parents will be very happy when the child is happy so it is just that your definition of happiness is different than their definition of happiness if you can get those both to coincide all your problems will get solved.
            But it in certain cases of course you need to put your foot down and say "Hello Its my life and I want to live it like this and you better deal with it."; you may need to do that and please do that...
            Like we say never confuse love and respect for your parents with obedience with your parents, you can completely disobey them and yet totally love and respect them that's fine. Haan and don't take it to the wrong extreme

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