Thursday, September 17, 2009

Water flooded in my House....

Today was an Amazing day.... I realized that when I "accept problem as it is"; acting on it become more easier and rational actions can be taken.

After lunch, I get call from one of my room mate, asking me to come home as soon as possible... Voice was surprised? There was question mark ? and Confusion in his voice... Like something wrong or unknown is there.... Then I insisted him to tell, he said there is water all over the house, Washing machine's water outlet was kept outside only (While coming to college we normally put our washing machine on so when we come back we can have washed clothes).

But scene was different today, there was water all over our house, so I and krishna finally went home with total acceptance of situation... As soon as we reached we started acting on the problem, it was more like action oriented than "arguing on why this happened and how some one can be so careless in small small things and stuff" never wanted to disturbed my peace of mind so we took rational actions to find the solution than cribbing on problem .... Actually I remembered one Guru Story "Once Guruji was suppose to stay in one room and one of his devotee or someone suppose to look after room. When Guruji actually came there was water in his room, people around thought he will get angry now, but he acted fast and started throwing water out of the room, with full innocence and smile on face."

I liked today's experience... It was good learning "Accepting problem and acting on it is more easy than sitting and cribbing on it..." Cribbing is waste of time... that is what I realized today.

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