Saturday, November 7, 2009


This article is inspired by one of the guest lectures in my college.
This just an attempt to put whatever I learn...

"Randomness is a Natural Rule"

If we toss a coin 20 times then there have to be 3/4 Heads or tails one after another i.e. HHH or TTTT or TTT or HHHH... it was of course hard to believe; but when I tossed coin 20 times there was one trail of 4 tails. Then I did it again and again and I found its true. I can't get all heads or all tails or rather alternate head and tail combination or two head then two tails kind of combination.

A very simple observations I did about the events happening in life and realized something, if we think that the Particular thing should work in particular way only, then there are going to be variations... We might start with something in mind and end up with something which we never thought of.

If things work in the way we thought of then there is something to think about either something is very nice or something is going wrong somewhere.
"Nothing can go straight there has to be fluctuations, if not then there is something to look for."

I feel Randomness is what applicable for life too, if I look back whatever I have gone through was all random... Rule applicable to everywhere.

Actually not getting more words to explain in details so not typing anything more...

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