Monday, February 15, 2010

Trip To Chandreshwar...

My stay at Goa is becoming very very exiting now as I have started exploring interiors of Goa, which are also very beautiful, its being long time I have not visited Beaches (I mean more than a month now).. :)

Last place I visited was Chandreshwar BhootNath, its a Temple with very lovely nature. About 6 Kilometer bike traveling from ground to top of the hill where the temple is. Temple seems to be very old, kind of vibrations in that temple were really nice, felt so good.

Best part of the place is, there is one big stone near by valley, somehow we manage to reach there and took privilege to enjoy the beauty... It was one of the amazing SMALL TRIPS (like less than 4hrs, I was back)... We had a rocking time there sitting on the rocks, watching Setting Sun, a range of mountains and the sea at horizon and reflection of sun in that sea water.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tough Times don't last, tough people do

Wonderful YES!+ DSN experience first time in Goa with Salil Bhaiya. Every one of us were waiting for the momebt to meet Bawa and Dinesh bhaiya in Goa, and the day came when we met him. We had amazing time with bawa and dinesh bhaiya, of course every time the love and respect for both of them keep on increasing, every time I learn something new, something different by being in their presence...No need to talk either, learning just happens.

Bawa's TEDx Talk was simple superb, he spoke about the Indian knowledge and about OM.... 
After this DSN work started booming at full speed, it was like racing car running on last gear with full speed.

I did my DSN with bawa some years back, but doing DSN and volunteering for DSN are totally different things. Now I feel to understand meaning of DSN one should be part of an organizing team. The actual essence of DSN in doing it or organizing it??? I feel both are totally independent questions, or two different levels of answers for same question. 

Experiencing DSN and being part of organizing team is something which actually shakes you inside out, its like expanding the horizon, comfort zone and expanding the happiness.... 


"Act according to reason; others accordingly to emotion. Some wait for events to happen; others make them happen. Some act primarily out of self-interest; others acts selflessly. All are creatures of habits; only the habits differs. Some can think clearly through shocks; most cannot. All act on the basis of what they believe the situation to be- not necessarily on what the situation is. Most are influenced by what they want to believe..." 

DSN IS SIMPLY DOING RIGHT THINGS, whether you like to or not.... 
Salil Bhaiya Rocks....

तुम आना कभी...

तुम आना कभी उसी जगह, जहा मिले थे 
हवा बनके आना तुम,  लहेरे बनके आना तुम
आज भी वो है वही जिसे हम छु ए थे कभी
वो चाँद वो लहेरे, वो टिमटिमाते तारे,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो पूल जहा सुरज डूबता है, पूछेगा हमें,
तुम  आना कभी उसी जगह रोशनी बनके,
डूबते सूरज  के साथ मुस्कुराना कभी,
वो मीठी  बातें, वो पलकों के इशारे करती ,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

तुम आना कभी हमारे साथ,  वक्त से पहेले,
वो आती लहेरो  के साथ मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा,
वो झुकती निगाहों से गुनगुनाना तुम्हारा ,
हलके से पास एके समझाना, हलकेसे दिल को छु जाना,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो पहाडी जिसपेसे, लेहेरोंको देखाथा हमने ,
वो डूबती शाम में, बिखरे रंगोंको समेटना तुम्हारा,
वो बदल,  वो पंच्छी , वो खुशबू, वो लम्हे,
तुम आना कभी उसी जगह, खुशबू बनके,
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो धीरे से आके मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा,
गुस्से में थी तुम  शायद कभी,
जब बाद्लोने पानी बिखेरा था हमपे,
वो छत्ता , वो हलकेसे भीगना, तुम आना कभी बारिश बनके...
सब  ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे|

वो गुस्से में आके झगड़ना तुम्हारा ,
झगड़ते झगड़ते मुस्कुराना तुम्हारा
वो सिडियोंपे बैठके बाते बनाना,
उन सारे पलोम्में इंतजार करना, तुम  आना कभी वक्त से पहेले ...
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

याद आयेंगी वो सारी बातें तुम्हारी,
वो गलियां, वो रास्ते जहा गये थे कभी
तुम आना कभी उसी पत्थर के पास,
जिस पत्थर के दिल  को खिलना सिखाया
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही साथ हमारे |

वो सागर की लहेरे, वो सूरज की किरणे,
वो लहराती हवा छु जाती थी आँचल तुम्हारा
वो कश्ती, वो पल, वो चांदनी रात,
वो हलकेसे हाथोंको हाथोंपे रखना, तुम आना कभी वक्त से पहेले....
सब ढूंढेंगे तुम्हे वही  साथ हमारे |

तुम आना कभी.... हम धुंडते ही रह गये.
एक हवसी आयी तो होश आया और तुम्हिमें हम फिर खो गये...
तुम आना कभी,  इंतज़ार रहेगा...