Sunday, May 18, 2008

Music is the silence between two notes.

"Music is the Silence between two notes" - Because of silence music becomes more appreciable, more attractive.
While listening to music, the silent place between two notes becomes more and more important.
What is the Breadth, depth and dimension of the music that matters a lot, if any one of it is a bit less or bit more, effect of music simply goes away.

Music is the two way communication between Performer and listener. Music is so natural that, when there is a silence between two notes, it is also known to the other, listener's mind. And that is the reason when the pause is less or more, music looses it's effect.

Each performance is always different than the previous performance.
If we play some raga say "Bhoop" in 100 concerts or "Mehfil"; then it is most likely that, we play 100 different variations of bhoop ragas.
Music is never same, it always adds its special effects. [I think this might be the reason, that each time when some famous singer or classical music players, play in the concerts though the same raga, people use to have recordings of all such concerts].... Music is always independent of anything, when it is pure, it is always different, and there can't be any comparison.

In Classical music, music is represented as a thought, the inner most true part of the self. Always try to put our thoughts in the music. And as each person is different, each thought is different, music is always different. If we have same guru for music, then also style of each Student (Shishya), for playing music is different, there can't be even comparison between students of the same guru. This is the uniqueness of music. Each one of us has to take efforts to put our thoughts in our playing, we can't be like each other and neither we can be like our guru. Don't copy the style of music, learn the music.
Music should reflect our uniqueness of thoughts.

Music- The Rhythm is always connected to the nature to our breath. Music is very well connected to our breath, where to stop, where not to stop, when to breath and when to take a pause. Each and everything matters in the music. Rhythm is natural phenomenon, we can say Music is universal and Rhythm is also universal, each and everything has some rhythm, some cycle,music should be in the same way. In Sanskrit Rhythm is called as "Lay", and opposite of Laya is Pralaya, when the rhythm is not present Pralaya happens (Pralaya means destruction of everything). If heart looses its natural rhythm, heart attack happens. Same as music, if Lay is not correct, music doesn't touches your own heart, forget about rest of the world.

Many times it happens that, there are many people who play music, but only few people make the difference, why so?
Music which lies above 100% always touches the heart of universe, music is something which is more than perfection. Music needs involvement. One should always go beyond the time,space and breadth of the music to get the real essence of the Music. Music is with us, within us, its not something which we never knew. We all are very connected to music, because it in us.Music is our nature.

There is a rhythm in the child's voice, we can observe it, when a baby cries, it goes through all swaras up and down, that also depending on the situation. If mother is not near by the baby cries in Upper Octave of the Swara Mandal, when mother is near by voice or swara reduces. Just Observe it.

Our all classical Ragas are so well connected to the nature. So all ragas represent some special time, some special season (ritu) and it's special effect at that time. If the music is so connected to the nature then Playing Malhar raaga and asking nature to Start rain is not a big thing. Only we should be able to connect us with the nature.

My teacher always says that to learn music we need two births, and that is the case, even if method is right, but person is wrong , how much hard he/she can try nothing is gonna happen, but if Person is right then even wrong methods will also make him/her to find the right track.

Thinking should be lateral and effect should be optimized

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time.... somthing never thought about....

Time... It is the time which actually kills me, one moment at a time...Time , I remember some old stories, listen some where sometime back, in the history of my life. Some faces seen but unseen... some unsaid words and some never expressed emotions.
Some stories are really realistic, some of them still have impact on my mind, some stories just lived and left silently, without telling to anyone, like the secret, which has made only for me. Said-unsaid secret. Lived-un lived moments. Some thoughts, came and went away. some are still with me.
Thoughts-"the process" still in the process of getting understood by me. Long long time back, don't know from when, for what and how things started falling in terms of thoughts for me. I remember the saying, everything is Cyclic.. I do realized this???...Don't know... or really don't want to know...At some point, I found it as a truth; yes cycle is every where...In science I have learnt it, about the atoms and molecule, and same concept goes to the universe. If the rules are same for the tiniest thing in the universe to the universe it self, then what exactly the rule is? Whether you mind it or don't mind it, rule is to revolve, or is to rotate???
I really fascinate about the things which are here from long long time, or from infinite time... in some book of physics I have read definition of time, "Time is a Universal variable changing at the same rate in all parts of universe..", Do I think it is correct!. Or time is a relative term, uuhhh.. isn't it interesting,confusing...?
Is there anything for which Time doesn't matter, something which doesn't follow the rules or concepts of time? So many such questions, so many such things...
Some times I feel that "Mind Matters", rules of time are not understood by my mind, non-materialistic thing, without any physical existence, beyond words and beyond imagination.. have I ever observed, my body get tired but mind, continuously working in some and the other way..Rather something which is continuously working all the time for nothing, for something.. like time, whether I want it or not, it will keep going and going...Does there something which is controlling me , my emotions, my existence or the happenings in my life. How many years back I can go into History and how many minds I can relate with each other, how many generations are passed away and how many will still in line, an Endless process? Come on if there is a start then there should be an end, very simple thing... Yes, I am searching for the Start, Science says that man is evolved from monkeys, amazing thing to know, but is there possibility that, human is evolved from the each type of animal, our earth till have? very vauge and irrelevant question, but if this is not the case then why each human is not same, as every one is the modest form of monkey. Why do some of us have animal tendencies and facial expressions sometimes, similar to animals, other than monkey? Why my thinking is different than the other one, or why it matches with some people and not with all others.
Some thing clicks to me, something not. I am still figuring out difference between eternity and infinity, alpha and gamma, Journey and Traveling. Should I doubt about the experience or about the Existence.....

This is 2am of 6th March 2008, I don't know what I am typing on and on, some word and some sentences, with out even thinking, what to type, does it make any sense or not, just using my keyboard with to press keys... I think I have to sleep for sometime, after spending such a long day out side, waiting for one more day, it will start soon in some time, Long long time and long long day, time is falling short for nothing, too many things to do, too many questions to ask, too many words to say and too many things to happen, still searching for something... Something which is with me forever, but still unknown to it, still... Like still water, no wave on it no vibration and no variation in the molecules, but too much calm, too much silent and too much attractive....