Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visit to Ashram

Ashram Visit to meet guruji on Gudi Padwa (Ugadi), Start of the new year and meeting guruji on such a day is absolute bliss. I was sitting exactly in front of guruji, one small table was between me and him...
Guruji spend around 20 min with all of us (SSIMS students, he invited us to meet him, such a bliss).
Actually we reached ashram in morning 10.15am, New year devi pooja were happening in VM. We ran to see him,(some of us were not interested in such stuff :( sad people). I was longing for such moments in ashram to meditate in VM when guruji is there. Of course the connection was immediate with out any effort.

Many things happened in ashram, meeting with bawa and dinesh bhaiya, allocation of rooms, etc... But meeting with guruji in Ganga kutir was something I was waiting for and we got message guruji called us to meet. No need to say we ran to his kutir. I managed to sit in front of his place exactly at Zero degree. WOW meeting guruji and it was so privileged feeling, thousands of people wait to get his glimpse, and I was able to sit in front of him and see him for 20 minutes, felt really blessed..... Again, somethings are good to experience than talking about....

Guruji spoke about many things, but I was only looking at him without even moving my eyes. After some time some one poke me, I didn't realized, then some one put my camera on my lap, and some body again poke me to click Guruji's snap [:)] I was lost actually....
Then I clicked some of his pics...

After spending 20-25mins with us, he left out to meet other devotees, who were waiting for him from long time, while going he said, "take pose for the photo, I will quickly come back :) "

From Infinity to Eternity

Such a blissful meeting...... some chief minister was waiting to meet guruji...

Knowledge Point
Guruji told something special about this new year, there is a cycle of 60 years in Hindu Calendar and each year has name. Name of this year is VIRODHI, means conflict, this is the year of conflicts. Many conflicts will happen this year. So guruji advised everyone to be aware of this fact and do sandhna daily. Doing sadhna will make everyone lucky, he said we find some people are extremely lucky, this because at some point of time they have done sadhna.

He also said one person doing daily sadhna will help other 99 people around, in some or the other way.

Then he took meditation, till this time I was already experiencing THE after advance course experience....of course spending 20 min with guruji is enough for this..:)

Next Day
Morning some time after breakfast, me, krishna went to meet bawa along with nandadip and bawa was doing something on computer, he asked us to wait out side.

He came out and asked us to come to his kitchen and we had lovely breakfast with bawa, he gave apple pickle too, bawa said some one from Switzerland always send this pickle for him. :), too good experiences in ashram....

Saturday evening (same day), we were suppose to leave and I really wanted to meet two of mine very close friends, I met one of them and made sure that he will come with me to ashram, so he did. And some how I couldn't meet my other friend as she was engaged in some work (although she managed to meet me ashram a day before for 5-10mins)... On top of this there were meeting with bawa and dinesh bhaiya so wanted to attain that meeting too. I wished I should spend some good time with my friends and attain meeting too, and some how our departure timing postponed. I had really good time with my friends; never wanted to come back...

Then of course we left ashram and came to goa next day morning.
Actually many small small things happened, but putting all of them will make this post longer....

From Infinity to Eternity

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


in this poem the word pyaar indicates attraction about many things, not a typical LOVE scene...

जिसकी कोई शुरवात नही,
अंत को जिसके अंत नही,
हमेशा वो है बस; जो रहेगा,

वक़त है हमेशा से,
या वक़त ही है हमेशा,
वक़त तो कभी बदलता नही ,
बदल जाता है मुखवटा ||

मुखवटे ही बदल जाते है,
प्यार भी रहा है हमेशा ,
वक़त है गवाह प्यार का ,
पर वक़त का गवाह हमेशा ||

ना जाने कबसे है वक़त,
ना जाने कब तक रहेगा,
प्यार की भी शुरवात कबसे ,
जिसका कभी अंत ना होगा ||

दुनिया से पहेले वक़त,
या वक़त से पहेले दुनिया,
प्यार की शुरवात इसी धरती से ,
या प्यार भी है हमेशा ||

एक ही है हमेशा,
दो रूप है जिसके,
वक़त है हमेशा,
या प्यार है हमेशा ||