Monday, August 25, 2008

Rudra Pooja in college

Yesterday our College was blessed by rudra pooja. Rushi vidyadharji were in SSIMS for Rudra pooja.
He explained us what rudra pooja is is all about. I knew that Pooja Means Purna Jagriti (All in Sanskrit) but yesterday I came to know great meaning of rudra pooja.
Universe is made up of 5 elements and so that our body is. And among 5 of these four elements have opposite.
1.Air can be used to breath, but air can be responsible for Hurricanes as well. So air has opposite of giving life and taking life and destroys.
2.Water element also has opposite, can give life and can take life.
3.Fire can be used to get heat and light. Fire can be destroying everything.
4.Earth is stable but earth quake can destroy everything.
But Ether element, space element, Shiva Tatwa doesn’t have any opposite…
And rudra pooja is surrendering to Shiva tatwa. Space element occupies more than 99% of the universe.
Our body is also made of 5 elements and among them four elements can have opposite effects. Chanting of Sanskrit mantras in rudra pooja stabilizes these four elements and has special effect on Space element.
Just being present during rudra pooja can align all elements of body.
Rudra Pooja is a very special ancient vedic practice.
Rishiji also talked about surrender.
My question : Rushiji how spirituality and management are related?
Rushiji : (Smiled) There is no term need of management, we just need to manage our mind and he went on explaining what is mind management. He said “ Look at guruji he has not done any mangment course, but managing so many minds, he has not even done Basic course….”

Monday, August 4, 2008

This is a new day with new experience

3rd Aug 2008

This is a new day with new experience. Yesterday was full of bliss, but after returning to home in late hours, there were something for me to bother about, I had some calls and then no sleep till 2 am. And today I had to be on time for Long kriya; as one of my best friends was suppose to take the kriya and I didn’t wanted to miss it at any cost. This was her 1st long kriya after she became teacher.

I was fully into the utter process of thinking when I reached for kriya. I took time to settle there. Yoga was going on so I had some time to sit and relax. It’s was a real bliss when 1st of her sound hit my ears, Time stood still and I was experiencing some expansion inside. It’s like some essence of gurutatva was dissolving in my mind. Such thing happened first time. I was only able to hear her voice and nothing else. After few moments I did not even understand the words but some vibrations were penetrating in mind and I was relaxing more and more.

That voice had too much depth in talking and I was able to connect immediately. My ego, self and whatever, were simply dissolving in the nature. I remember some rounds of Pranayama and bhastrika. After that some rounds of natural rhythm with guruji’s voice, and done.

Actually my back and legs were paining; I remembered dinesh bhaiya’s voice “Accept it”; I did and pain simply disappeared.

All stress started vanishing and I was coming back in my natural mood. Wow one moment and two voices, yes one more thing to add, in between I forgot to breath, and someone again reminded me to breathe, and I started again.

This is all about the teacher being a friend or friend being a teacher. All things can’t be put into words; some of them need to be experienced.

After kriya I wanted to be in silence so I avoided to talk much, now as well I want to be in silence, but there is a fresher’s party, my seniors have organized it for us. Let’s see how I keep it up.

Friday, August 1, 2008

My party begins the moment I close my eyes.

My party begins the moment I close my eyes.
Huh finally got time to type something after a long time. All set to Goa other than studies, planning to start with it soon; actually I don’t have any choice either so I have to start studies. But just thought to put some thoughts about the Headline of this article.
“My party begins the moment I close my Eyes”, this line was just scratching my head from last 2-3 months. It was actually a common thought of mine and one of my friends from AOL. Many times I have decided to write about this wonderful thing I am experiencing in my Experiences; but I was able to find some and the other reason for not to write… or rather type it.
The word PARTY…

What it means was my question; whenever I was thinking about it. Well well well, and I concluded that, it is something people do to either come out of their tensions or to do something before tension starts… Bit confusing haan….

Like some people do party after they have achieved something, like most of the people or corporate, some people do it before they start something new. I don’t believe in such things. Uff what I am typing… Here I am supposed to type about the Party which begins when I close my eyes. But I think the word Party is not suitable for such thing which is very great to experience in life.

So I thought about it. And I got it; well I will change my Lines at the end of this article. I think, people think of or do the party because there is a need for expansion. Mind is forced to do same kind of work for a week or two, and then finally there is some need to get relaxed, give some time to the mind, to expand. Amazing naa… But does it all about..?... I do the same process daily or at least once in 24 hours. And tension doesn’t accumulate at the border of my mind.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get tense but I know how to get rid of it.
At times I really don’t understand why people always keep sad faces or some unnatural facial expressions. Yes it’s very funny to observe people, especially in Local trains or in the Local Buses. Wow I remember my 11th and 12th Use to go to college in Local buses and making fun of such sad faces. If anyone gets time please do it, observe people and their expressions, a very good time pass….

Ok Jokes apart. I think we try to find happiness (happiness only what else…) outside and simply forgets our selves. I do spend some time with me, I love to do that. Finally I too want to expand. And my way is different. Why to follow other’s way when I have the Best one?

Time to change my Lines, “My Celebration begins the Moment I close my Eyes…” Yes it is actually the celebration; I have understood difference between the Party and CELEBRATION. Celebration is the right word. Yes I do celebrate daily, just need to close my eyes and breath and definition of world starts expanding moment by moment. Few minutes of CELEBRATION and infinite moments of Expansion. This is how I celebrate… Just need a moment to close my eyes, and I love it… find some time to do that…. “Some

Moments of celebration and Ages of Bliss”… see I got one more punch line for one more article. This time I think I will try to make it sooner. This can be the Punch line for my T-Shirt as well, hmm so now I will design one T-shirt for me, and will use this Punch line… Some dumb people may not understand but that is what I want… Not everyone should understand it either.

It’s Time to sleep. I always do such typing work whenever I am in half sleep. It’s the time when I just allow my hands to type and ask my mind not to interfere. And some words come together to make sentences and then paragraphs. I am liking this also, but have to study ACCOUNTs as well, from last two weeks I am telling myself to start with this subject, but frankly speaking yet to start with it.