Friday, January 8, 2010

Something From Bawa

Q: What is the Sacrifice, Do you think sacrificing your choices, happiness for your parents is Right??? Is it right for me to give up on my happiness for their happiness???

Answer : NO. I think its very wrong, because you know you will do that and then you will blame them rest of your life. So please don't do that...Its better you have ALL OUT FIGHT with your parents, or you sit with them and convince them about your point of view. There is always scope for compromise, most parents will be very happy when the child is happy so it is just that your definition of happiness is different than their definition of happiness if you can get those both to coincide all your problems will get solved.
But it in certain cases of course you need to put your foot down and say "Hello Its my life and I want to live it like this and you better deal with it."; you may need to do that and please do that...
Like we say never confuse love and respect for your parents with obedience with your parents, you can completely disobey them and yet totally love and respect them that's fine. Haan and don't take it to the wrong extreme

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